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Nana Asante

IDPAD Coalition UK
Secretary - Board
I am the Secretary of IDPAD Coalition UK which is made up of individuals and African-led organisations interested in ensuring that the Decade is meaningfully marked in the UK.  The Coalition made a submission  to a Select Committees - UK Parliament in response to a call for evidence.  IDPAD Coalition UK hopes the submission will help the Committee provide input into both the 3 month review and the 6 month review of Covid-19 arrangements.  The submission is available through this link.  https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/5258/html/
In December 2019, the Coalition launched the The Nkyinkyim Project: Documenting Afriphobia, Structural and Institutional Racism, a partnership with Africa Centre Ireland funded by ENAR,  the European Network  Against Racism. A copy of the report and the definition of Afriphobia which emerged from the Roundtables is available on request.
The Coalition campaigns  on many issues but as a member of Global Afrikan Congress has a special interest in Reparations.