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Aziza Normuradova

Human Rights NGO in Uzbekistan "Legal Base"

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I am concerned about the Independence of the Judiciary and the whole Human Rights situation in Uzbekistan. State bodies, especially Supreme Court judges in Uzbekistan, ignore certain fabricated criminal cases. Prisoners whose cases were held without sufficient legal basis followed by cruel human rights violations cannot access Uzbekistan's Rule of Law and Justice. Political prisoners have been spending the longest terms under falsified treason charges. No amnesties, paroles apply for them, meaning the lack of the criminal justice system itself. Treason charges in Uzbekistan are notorious for accusing innocent people of non-existing crimes and using torture and threats for self-incrimination. Judges still do not review these cases nowadays, even upon numerous requests from lawyers, relatives, and the wrongfully imprisoned inmates themselves. Massive and quick organized reviews of these cases, the release of innocent imprisoned are necessary and urgent actions that actors on a state level must provide to ensure human rights protection and democratic reforms in Uzbekistan. The international community and experts should urge to ensure the rights of every individual imprisoned on falsified #article157 cases.